Military and war movies do fairly well in Hollywood, often earning multiple awards and making a lot of money. But a Durham veterans company says Hollywood fails to properly portray their experiences, both in war and back at home, so they’re making a movie of their own.

Durham-based group “Ranger Up” has teamed up with the Texas-company “Article 15” to raise the money and make the movie. In two weeks, the groups have already raised nearly $1 million for the movie. Each company contributed $250,000 and almost $500,000 has been raised online on the crowdfunding website Indiegogo.

The idea of a movie came up after the two veteran-owned companies were thinking about something they could do together.

They decided to make a movie after talking about how one-sided Hollywood portrays military members.

“Right now it’s very en vogue to create a story about a veteran that’s gone through a lot, a veteran that has gone through hell and back, has post-traumatic stress,” said Ranger Up CEO Nick Palmisciano. “That is absolutely a reality for some people, but what happens is that the general population starts looking at the veteran as a broken vessel, a tool that goes out and does something for the country and then comes back and is someone you have to feel bad for.”

Palmisciano points to movies such as “Lone Survivor,” “Black Hawk Down” and “Saving Private Ryan” and says they are amazing movies, but wants to make a movie that people will laugh it and have fun watching. The movie, “Range 15,” is described as a post-apocalyptic comedy. “We are tired of sad stories about veterans,” said Palmisciano. “We want to show that veterans are regular people, not broken people that need your pity, we are motivated people who want to make a difference.” Former Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell and Medal of Honor recipients Dakota Meyer and Leroy Petry have signed on to help with the movie.

Palmisciano says they are also talking with several “A-List” Hollywood starts who have expressed interest in being in the movie.

Even though the groups have reached their fundraising goal, they’re still asking for money. They say the more money they get, the more they can make the movie veterans deserve.


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