The film-maker has promised romance, run-ins with the secret police and above all music galore in new movie ‘The Eccentrics’.

Journalists were given a peek at the action on Thursday, with filming taking place in the spa town of Ciechocinek.

The plot of Majewski’s new movie revolves around Fabian, who returns from England to Poland in 1957 having spent several years in exile, and he duly starts a jazz band.

However, although a thaw has been declared by Poland’s communist regime, the realities of life in the country are that shady dealings abound.

Maciej Stuhr (‘Manhunt’, ‘Aftermath’) takes the lead role, joined by Wojciech Pszoniak (‘The Promised Land’, ‘Danton’) and Sonia Bohosiewicz (‘Aftermath’).

The script is based on a novel by Włodzimierz Kowalewski.

During the 1950s and 1960s, jazz was considered a form of rebellion against the communist system, and jazz found its way into the soundtracks of Poland’s hippest film-makers.

Director Majewski came of age during that era, making his debut film ‘Hospital’ in 1962. He is most famed for his 1985 film ‘CK Deserters’, a comedy set in the Austro-Hungarian army during World War I.

Via: Radio Poland

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