Use of Weapons

The Producer is responsible for the health and safety for all taking part or attempting to take part in the Veterans Film Festival and its Competition, including the Use of Weapon/s, the environment, its surrounding in which the weapon is used, stored, handled and in transit.

Producer is responsible for contacting all relevant authorities to obtain the required permits that may be required for the use of weapons in the film.

Each local, state or national authority has its own laws and regulation which are specific to use of firearms and other weapons in that jurisdiction/region/country.

Be aware that it may take time to gain approvals and permits, so it is recommended that Producers contact all authorities as soon as possible.

1.    Contact and gain all necessary approvals and permits from the following offices holding jurisdiction in your filmmaking location whether private or public, interior and/or exterior:

  • Local law enforcement agency/police/sheriff/administrator (‘Police’)
  • Film commission/office/institute (‘Film Authority’)
  • Local civil authority/council/municipality/administrator (‘Council’)

2.    Even if no approvals or permits are required, Producers must provide us proof of contact of the name of organisation, name of authorised contact person, title, email, phone and date of contact on Use of Weapons form provided in Documentation… CLICK HERE

3.    Producers of Entries which include the use weapons and who do not submit the ‘Use of Weapons’ form risk their Entry being disqualified.

The Police are most helpful with film production and should be contacted well in advance of any Firearms Action, Stunt or Special Effects Filming.

There is also a need to communicate with other authorities when Firearms are being used in public places or in the view of the public through windows, doors etc. You know that you are only making a film, but the public don’t know this, so they pick up the cell phone and call the Police: “It’s a man with a gun officer.” Police don’t take kindly to having to respond to an “Armed robbery in progress, shots fired.” and running red lights etc., arriving with pistols drawn and almost shooting your actor before he is knocked to the ground and handcuffed….You don’t want to experience this. It may sound amusing but your actor might wet the bed for weeks!


The most professional and legal way of using weapons or firearms in making a film is by using a qualified Licensed Film Armourer. Their licence is issued by a state authority to a person who is a professional in this field.

The role of the Armourer is to provide the film director with the correct advice with regard to the types of firearms that will suit the script, coach the actors in the correct usage of the firearms, set up a safety brief for the actors and crew and set up an ‘On Set Code of Practice’ to eliminate the chance of injury to any person on the ‘Film Set’ when firing blank cartridges, and to choreograph the gun fire action sequences so that the edited footage will be both realistic and believable.

For further information contact

Tom Papas
+61 407 295 520
Skype: veteransfilmfestival

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