The Little Boy // Short Film // Iran // 7:35mins // Australian Premiere
Screening: Friday, 14 October 2016 // Time: 8:30pm // Buy Tickets Here

A short film about a liitle boy and a bomb.

People are leaving a town by the order of military but a little boy does not want to follow them he has his own mission to do.

Credits (crew):
Writer and Director: Mona A. Shahi

Character designer and storyboard artist: Mohammad Hossein Azampour

Concept artist and background designer:
Mohammad Hossein Azampour & Mona A.Shahi

Aniamating team: Leila Ahangm Sara Saberi, Mohammad Hossein Azampour, Mona A.Shahi

Coloring: Mona A. Shahi، Maryam Tabatabaee

Visuall effects: Saeed Zareh & Mona A.Shahi

Music: Shahin Peimani

Sound: Behrouz Shahamat & Danial Ostad Abdolhamid

Director: Mona A. Shahi
While being a member of Iran’s ASIFA community, she’s been working professionally in the fields of scriptwriting, directing and animating; and has been teaching animation aesthetics, directing and scriptwriting in various academic levels.

Media Kit: VFF2016-TheLittleBoy

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