The Day of Wrath // 85min // Drama // 2019 // Poland

Director: Jacek Raginis-Królikiewicz
Writers: Roman Brandstaetter, Jacek Raginis-Królikiewicz
Producers: Ewa Millies-Lacroix, Anna Kulawik-Rzońca, Bogna Janiec
Cast: Radek Pazura, Rafal Gasowski, Jan Marczewski, Natalia Rybicka

During World War II Poland is kept under German occupation. In the autumn of 1943, a young Jew, a refugee from a nearby ghetto, appears in a Polish monastery, asking for help. German Nazis punish Poles for hiding Jews with death. Monks face the most difficult dilemma. An SS squadron-leader, responsible for the liquidation of the ghetto and the extermination campaign against the Jews, comes to the monastery. “The Day of Wrath” is a full of tension blend of a war thriller and a morality play.

The film is based on the drama, of the same name, by Roman Brandstaetter.

day of wrath poster

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