The Crater
Synopsis: A personal story of one’s man’s tour of duty in Vietnam and his obsessive search to locate 42 former enemy soldiers killed in action.
Crew: Director & Writer… David Bradbury
Producer…. Jenny Day


Photo 9 Main

Synopsis: Franklin Spencer (Sarge) is an elderly Army veteran with dementia and PTSD. He longs to escape his nursing home to be with his granddaughter for her high school graduation, but is confronted at every turn by the unruly co-residents, a draconian janitor, and the sinister visions of his G.I. war buddy. For Franklin, the mission only ends when the last man’s forgiven.

Richard Henzel
Brian Stuart Boyd
Joshua Short
Lavell Brooks
Denyse Palmer
Shani Salyers Stiles
Emmanuel Carter
Steven Durgarn

Credits (crew):
Benjamin Dewhurst Director
Benjamin Dewhurst Writer
Glenn Pratt Producer
Molly Wade Producer


Mi e Ti
Synopsis: Mi E Ti is the story of an Italian soldier, set during the World War I. Dispersed after an assault that turns out to be a massacre, he takes refuge in a forest and gets lost. He starts a journey that leads him to get rid of his clothes and everything that defines being a soldier; what remains is a man that want to leave the horrors of war behind him and return to home.

Samuel Gottardello… Director
Samuel Gottardello… Writer
Lorenzo Pezzano
… Director of Photography
Alice Lorenzo…  Camera assistant
Francesco Marotta…
 Camera assistant
Gianluca Cecconello… Gaffer
William Carrer…
 Aerial Photography
Giulio Pizzato… Aerial Photography
Domenico Preli…
 VFX and Compositing
Erick Melchiorri… Colorist

Screen shot 2014-03-20 at 4.49.47 PM
Not Their Boots
Synopsis: ‘Not Their Boots’ is a student short film that was made during year 12, based on the start of World War 2, inspired the stories and thoughts from my Grandfather.

Samuel Tye
Youking Agoes
Clayton Smith

Credits (crew):
Jordon Prince-Wright.. Director
Jordon Prince-Wright… Writer
Jordon Prince-Wright… Producer


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