The Crater
Synopsis: A personal story of one’s man’s tour of duty in Vietnam and his obsessive search to locate 42 former enemy soldiers killed in action.
Crew: Director & Writer… David Bradbury
Producer…. Jenny Day

Men in boat

Anzac Letters
Synopsis: Anzac Letters was created to share the experiences of the soldiers who took part in the first landing at Gallipoli in April 1915, with a contemporary audience some 100 years later.

The film tells the story of that fateful day by combining the old with the new. It features a series of first hand accounts that are narrated by children from South Australia’s Alberton Primary School.
Crew: Director…. Alison Rogers Voiceover…. Maddy Lipscomb, Makani Mueller, Owen Martin

Photo 9 Main

Synopsis: Franklin Spencer (Sarge) is an elderly Army veteran with dementia and PTSD. He longs to escape his nursing home to be with his granddaughter for her high school graduation, but is confronted at every turn by the unruly co-residents, a draconian janitor, and the sinister visions of his G.I. war buddy. For Franklin, the mission only ends when the last man’s forgiven.

Richard Henzel
Brian Stuart Boyd
Joshua Short
Lavell Brooks
Denyse Palmer
Shani Salyers Stiles
Emmanuel Carter
Steven Durgarn

Credits (crew):
Benjamin Dewhurst Director
Benjamin Dewhurst Writer
Glenn Pratt Producer
Molly Wade Producer

patient 39 3 (1 of 1)

Patient 39
Synopsis: When a soldier known only as Patient 39 awakes from a coma with no memory, so begins the search to discover his identity and past.

Moran – Mark Bazeley
Gault – Alfie Stewart
Mother – Julia Rayner
Sylvie – Olivia Dunin
Nurse – Lianne Tucker

Writer/ Director Dan Clifton
Producer Roland Holmes


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