The Camouflage Closet
Synopsis: “The Camouflage Closet” is a Veteran-led film about Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Veterans’ experiences with PTSD, trauma and recovery. Told in nine vignettes, this project incorporates the firsthand perspectives of LGBT Veterans, who were provided with cameras, tools, and training to create video narratives.
Veteran Cast/CrewCredits: Pena Bethel, Homerina Bond, Caroline Buster, John Castro, Andrew Grant, Ruben Harris, Christine Stout-Holmes, Billy Tinsley, Lani Yoshimoto
Director: Michael Nedelman Producer: Heliana Ramirez, LISW

ITNG trench ladder

In The Neighbour’s Garden
Synopsis: In the First World War, two soldiers live out their existence in either boredom or fear, until a chance discovery lifts them away from the trenches.
Cast: Andrew Martyn-Lewis, Matthew McPherson
Credits (crew): Written & Produced by Andrew Martyn-Lewis and Matthew McPherson Directed by…. Robert Hamilton


Boat People
Synopsis: On his journey from Somalia to Europe, shipwrecked Moussa is picked up by a wealthy couple on their luxurious catamaran. The athletic young man is the only survivor of a disaster in the Mediterranean Sea and asks Hannes and Gerlinde to smuggle him across the border.
Cast: Gerlinde Boateng, Jule Ronstedt, Thomas Clemens
Credits (crew): Screenplay…. Paul Meschùh Producer…. Therese Seemann Director…. Paul Meschùh

There Is Nothing New Under The Sun

There Is Nothing New Under The Sun

Synopsis: A girl narrates her nightmares, and the boundaries of dream and reality start to fade and become indistinct. She says that she was raped in her dreams and by telling us her story she is going to do the same with our minds.
Crew Credits:
Director…. Faezeh sadat Alavi
Producer…. Faezeh sadat Alavi


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