Steven Spielberg’s untitled Cold War thriller (which sometimes went by the title ST.JAMES PLACE) wrapped production several months ago, yet we didn’t get an official title until today.

Producer Marc Platt revealed the new title in an interview with The Daily Pennsylvanian. I’d call for a drum roll but the guy who drums is in the john. Let’s just go for it. Steven Spielberg’s new film will now and forever be known as…BRIDGE OF SPIES. I like it.

Bridge of Spies is what they unofficially called the currently named Glienicke Bridge in Germany during the Cold War. Its official title during that period was the slightly more optimistic Bridge of Unity. The bridge connected West Germany to East Germany and served as a location for prisoner exchanges between Western and Soviet powers.

BRIDGE OF SPIES tells the story of the first prisoner exchange on that bridge, as Tom Hanks’ character James Donovan attempts to negotiate the release of American pilot Francis Gary Powers who was trapped by the Soviet Union after his plane was shot down.

In addition to the new title it’s been confirmed that John Williams will be scoring the film, because of course he will. Spielberg and Williams have enjoyed a long and very successful relationship so I don’t see any reason why they should stop now.

Given the talent involved and the fascinating story at its heart, BRIDGE OF SPIES just moved up my list of most anticipated films of 2015.

BRIDGE OF SPIES will open on October 16th, 2015.

Via: JoBlo

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