2020 Officially Selected Short Films

A teenage romance set in a World War 2 internment camp… He is Japanese, she is German, and tonight both their worlds will come crashing down.

Crystal City

Country: USA
Running Time: 12:03
Project Type: Drama
Director: Geoff Mark
Writer: A.J. Devine
Producer: Patrick Reasonover, Matt Edwards, Victoria Razevska Hill, Rachel Mullins, Valerie Resciniti
Cast: Shay Denison, K. Kevin Choi, Jordan Morgan, Michael Tabb


 A Dutch soldier experiences the first days of the Second World War from the coast of Zeeland. As the rest of the country is quickly getting invaded, his faith in God will be put to the test.


Days Of May

Country: Netherlands
Running Time: 15:54mins
Project Type: Student Drama
Director: Juri Ferri
Producer: Thomas Mataheru, Jolijn van Rinsum
Cast: Tomer Pawlicki, Steef Verheijen, Sijtze van der Meer, Bart Klop, Bart Oomen



A widow finds two tombs for her husband. A mystery that can only be solved by a shrewd professor and by two unlikely gravediggers. What they find will open the doors to a forgotten past. Dead Times is based on a true story. 

Dead Times

Country: Italy
Running Time: 14:39mins
Project Type: Short Drama
Director: Damiano Monaco, Lucio Lionello
Writer: Gabriele Monaco, Damiano Monaco, Lucio Lionello, Simone Gigiaro
Producer: H12 Film (Italy), Infrared Film (Estonia), Ouvert

Cast: Anna Bonasso, Roberto Accornero


75 years after the horrors of the Pacific War, the forgotten perspectives of the local people emerge as a crew of archeologists arrive in Papua New Guinea to search for the remains of lost soldiers.

ETOA: A Kokoda Track Story

Country: Australia
Running Time: 38:15
Project Type: Documentary, Short
Director: David Lloyd-Lewis
Producer: David Lloyd-Lewis, Sarah Mak, Aimee Hourigan


A young man whose father had been martyred in a past war is a doctor, who is a doctor, protecting people’s lives against the Covid19 virus, and his child is witnessing all this…


Country: Iran
Running Time: 3min
Project Type: Short Drama
Director: Mana Pakseresht
Writer: Mana Pakseresht
Producer: Erfan Shahbazi

Cast: Esmaeil Hajati, Siamak Hoseinpour, Ilia Jalali


Is there a chance for the photographs taken by Robert Capa – portraying the Allied Invasion of Sicily – to come to life, bringing forth new stories? Will American soldiers be able to build bridges with the wounded of a foreign land? It is up to Mancuso and his young friend Salvatore to tell the story….

L’alleato / The Ally

Country: Italy
Running Time: 16:26
Project Type: Short Film
Director: Elio Di Pace
Writer: Elio Di Pace
Producer: Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia Production


During the events of World War II many letters never reached their final destination, some were lost, but some of them ingloriously made it back to sender…

My Lovely Lea

Country: Cyprus
Running Time: 3:44mins
Project Type: Short Drama
Director: Adonis Sergiou
Producer: Adonis Sergiou, Charalambos Sergiou
Cast: Melanie Steliou


A freedom fighter trapped under the rubble of a bombed building… wrestles with his demons as he faces certain death.

One of the Missing

Country: Hungary
Running Time: 11mins
Project Type: Short Drama
Director: Gábor Szentiványi
Writer: Gábor Szentiványi, György Benyák
Producer: András Muskovszky
Cast: Roland Tzafetaas


A touching and hopeful film about a medevac helicopter pilot who found peace within himself and with his mortal enemies when he tries to build a peace garden at the Khe Sanh Combat Base where he stationed during the Viet Nam war.

The Khe Sanh Peace Garden

Country: Viet Nam
Running Time: 25:28mins
Project Type: Short Documentary
Director: Tinh Mahoney
Writer: Tinh Mahoney
Producer: Tinh Mahoney
Cast: Dave Hansen


Matiu, a war veteran who struggles with PTSD and agoraphobia, is unable to leave the safety of his home since his wife’s passing. Shy student Yvonne from next door, his only visitor in self-imposed isolation, struggles with her own mental health. …..

The old man next door

Country: New Zealand
Running Time: 15mins
Project Type: Short Drama
Director: Aidan Otene Dickens
Writer: Aidan Otene Dickens


“Trust Frank” is a sentimental and gently humorous film about two lonely elderly people struggling to battle serious infirmities as they age.


Trust Frank

Country: Australia
Running Time: 28:14
Project Type: Short
Director: Penny Moore
Writer: Penny Moore
Producer: Penny Moore
Cast: John Flaus, Brenda Palmer,


A former spy and womanizing gunslinger turns lawman to bring justice to the frontier, while seeking a fortune in poker. During his thirty-nine years of adventure, the “deadliest man with a gun” faces media-exploitation, vagrancy and assassins seeking his reputation.


 Wild Bill: In Search of Fool’s Gold

Country: USA
Running Time: 29:51mins
Project Type: Student Short Documentary
Director: Nate Carroll, Don Leggans
Writer: Nate Carroll
Cast: Anthony Marantz, Jake Phillips, Rich Olin, James Woody, Paco Lopez


The soldier has lost his cap during the retreat and is ordered to return and find another. On the front line, the hero stumbles upon a surviving colleague and comes under sniper fire. The heroes will have to resolve an ideological conflict among themselves and survive the night behind enemy lines.

Soldier Hat

Country: Russian Federation
Running Time: 18:28mins
Project Type: Short Drama
Director: Pavel Moskvin
Writer: Pavel Moskvin, Nikita Shchinnikov, Ruslan Kosenko
Producer: Pavel Moskvin
Cast: Idel Kiyamov, Bulat Minkin, Iliya Yermolov, Renal Nabiullin


A suburban tale exploring society’s generational gap. The impact of debilitating health issues in an adverse environment – where true love prevails.

Bass Line

Country: New Zealand
Running Time: 14:52
Project Type: Short Drama
Director: Mandalina Stanisich
Writer: Mandalina Stanisich
Producer: Mandalina Stanisich
Cast: Vicky Haughton, Geoff Snell


Alice lives in a world where a children’s innocence are under the influence of the war and modern societies corruption…


I am Not Alice

Length: 14:52
Country: Iran
Project Type: Short Animation
Director: Mahdieh Sadat Ahmadi Soleimani
Producer: Hassan Mahdavi Pour
Design & Animation: Abbas Abbasi Vazin
Music: Ata Akhgar
Sound: Majid Davoudi
Editor & VFX – Abbas Abbasi Vazin. Hassan Mahdavi Pour
Production Company: Professional development of Turquoise Media Cinematic services company


A documentary film that chronicles the history of the Queen’s York Rangers, Canada’s oldest military regiment.


Country: Canada
Running Time: 22:30
Project Type: Short Documentary
Director: Tracey Strnad
Writer: Tracey Strnad, Tom Strnad
Producer: Tracey Strnad


When WW1 brought Australians face to face with mass death a Red Cross Information Bureau and post-war graves workers laboured to help families grieve for the missing.

The unprecedented death toll of the First World War generated a burden of grief. Particularly disturbing was the vast number of dead who were “missing” …..

The Missing

Country: Australia
Running Time: 11:21mins
Project Type: Short Documentary
Director: Jary Nemo
Writer: Jary Nemo, Lucinda Horrocks
Producer: Lucinda Horrocks, Jary Nemo
Cast: Bart Ziino, Melanie Oppenheimer, Richard Chew

2020 Officially Selected Short Films

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