SARGE // Short Film // USA // 23:26mins // AUstralian Premiere
Screening: Saturday, 15 October 2016 // Time: 12:30pm // Buy Tickets Here

Franklin Spencer (Sarge) is an elderly Army veteran with dementia and PTSD. He longs to escape his nursing home to be with his granddaughter for her high school graduation, but is confronted at every turn by the unruly co-residents, a draconian janitor, and the sinister visions of his G.I. war buddy. For Franklin, the mission only ends when the last man’s forgiven.

Richard Henzel
Brian Stuart Boyd
Joshua Short
Lavell Brooks
Denyse Palmer
Shani Salyers Stiles
Emmanuel Carter
Steven Durgarn

Credits (crew):
Benjamin Dewhurst
… Director
Benjamin Dewhurst… 
Glenn Pratt… 
Molly Wade…
Hannah Radcliff… Cinematographer
Alexander Faurote… 

Director’s Statement:
Storytelling in all forms is my passion and purpose. I’m an award-winning writer/director. I also do a good deal of producing, editing, and shooting – I believe in being as versatile as possible in our increasingly-digital world. I’m also a Producer for Avant Healthcare, I’m a writer for the wonderful filmmaking blog, and from 2012-2014 I served as Vice President on the executive committee of the Indiana Media Production Alliance.

Media Kit: VFF2016-Sarge

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