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The Last Night // 16mins 43secs // New Zealand // 2015 // Australian Premiere

Isolated at night in mountainous Afghanistan and surrounded by militia, a young United Nations military advisor struggles to negotiate with a powerful warlord.

Written and Directed by David J Strong


Birthday // 12mins 30 secs // USA // 2015 // Australian Premiere

When a young military wife gets news that her Marine husband has been severely wounded in combat, she discovers that life ahead for them is going to be a difficult and yet amazing journey.

Director Chris King


The Haircut // 14mins 5 secs // USA // Australian Premiere

It’s 1976 and petite 18-year-old Amy is among the first class of female cadets accepted into military service academies. Under incredible emotional and physical strain, Amy struggles to survive her first day, battling vicious sexism, swallowing self-doubt, and fighting to prove she has what it takes in “The Haircut.”

Directors: Alexis O. Korycinski


Trench // 10mins 10secs // Australia // 2015 // Australian Premiere

An Australian and Turkish soldier come across one another in the trenches of Turkey during WW1.



Brass Razoo // 8mins 42secs // Australia // 2015 // Australian Premiere

A short film and call to action…‘Only the dead see the end of War’

Actor/ Writer/ Producer/ Editor Rupert Raineri
Director/ DOP Troy Honeysett

Brass Razoo


At The End of the Road // 8mins 22 secs // Australia // 2015

It’s World War III. A grand father is on the road with his grand-son. What can he do to save him?

Directors: Chloé Hetzel



Dad’s Fragile Doll // 15 mins // Iran // Australian Premiere

A young girl reconstructs events leading to her father’s imprisonment and execution using dolls her mother has made. The young girl takes vengeance on the prison guard puppet doll……..

Director: Ali Zare GhanatNowi



A SOLDIERS STORY // 12mins // USA // Australian Premiere

FOX Sports Pays Tribute to ‘Lone Survivor’ Commander who Gave His Life in Afghanistan

Director: Laura Mickelson



The White Feather // 22mins // Australia // 2014

Albert Ellis says we shouldn’t fight Britain’s wars. Then he gets a white feather..

Director / Writer – Laurence de B Anderson


100 Years // 3mins 6secs // Australia // 2015

‘100 Years’ is a song about remembering soldiers from The Great War, by John and Elisabeth Dykstra – ‘The Berrys’.

100 years


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