The ‘Red Poppy Awards’ represent the high point of our festival program. Hand blown glass trophies will be awarded to 3 film categories: Best Feature Film, Best Australian Short Film and Best International Short Film.
Sunday, 22 October 2017 (6.30pm to 9.00pm) – SUGGESTED ARRIVAL TIME: 6:00PM
Venue: Australian Defence Force Academy, Northcott Dr, Campbell ACT 2612

Miro (Australia)… Buy Tickets
Director: Victoria Wharfe McIntye Cast: Mark Coles Smith, Dean Krywood, Alexis Lane
Synopsis – When Miro returns home at the end of World War II he finds his land taken, his people gone, his daughter stolen and his service record treated with contempt, but the battlefield has taught him how to fight and he sets out to reunite his family waging his own form of justice.

War Ball (ANIMATION)… Buy Tickets
Director: Saeed Madadi
Synopsis – A calm violin player, becomes a warrior, just because of a little ball hits him.

She Will Be Loved (USA)… Buy Tickets
Director: Chadwick Pelletier Cast: Constance Brenneman
Synopsis – A female CIA Officer is on an overseas mission when her convoy is struck by an IED, and she is medevaced as the loan survivor. Upon returning to the U.S., she and her husband struggle to survive the debilitating disorder of wartime PTSD.

DAWN (USA)… Buy Tickets
Director: Joseph Longo  Cast: Barbara Sukowa, Nicholas Goldreich, Brandon Burtis
Synopsis – A young man returns from war after the death of his father to discover more has changed than he anticipated. Raised in a conservative, faith-based home, David is thrown through unexpected turbulence when he discovers his younger brother, James, is gay. Over the course of a single night, David must challenge everything he has been conditioned to believe or risk losing his remaining family in the process.

Homeward Bound (Australia)… Buy Tickets
Director: Miles Gibson  Cast: Stella Ulm, Max Jelbart, Rowan Kennett
Synopsis – Based on a true story, in October of 1917 a young soldier becomes trapped in the notoriously treacherous mud of the Battle of Passchendaele. As he attempts to escape his tragic fate, the young soldier relives moments from his short life in a vain attempt to reforge the choices that had bought him there.

All The WInters I Haven’t Seen (Iran)… Buy Tickets
Director: Omid Koshnazar Producer: Masoud Safavi (RPCTA Pictures) Writer & Art Director: Arash Karimi Sound: Arash Ghasemi Music: Payam Azadi Edit: Arash Karimi Technical Supervisors: Behzad Rajabipour / Arash Sohi
Synopsis – On a hot summer day in New York City, Sarah, a 30 year-old woman in the first trimester of her pregnancy, finds out that there’s a high likelihood the child she’s carrying will be born with severe physical defects. A whole array of emotions is running through her aching body. She can’t understand what’s happening. It turns out that she’d been exposed to chemical weapons at some point during her childhood. It’s a discovery that makes no sense. But it is what it is. The doctor tells her that if she decides to abort the child, she’ll never be able to get pregnant again. There’s two options; either have the baby knowing the risk of him or her being born handicapped or bid farewell to the dream of motherhood.

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