Red Line // Short Film // Iran // 8:14mins // Australian Premiere
Screening: Saturday, 15 October 2016 // Time: 2:30pm // Buy Tickets Here

In a desert neverland a turtle and a lizard unwillingly get involved in a war between two powers. As a result, they both are put in a tough situation. The turtle can solve the problem but his decision has a cost…

Writer and Director: Mona A. Shahi
Character designer and storyboard artist: Hossein Molayemi
Concept artist and background designer: Laleh Ziaei
Layout and poses: Hossein Molayemi
Modeling: Hassan Tavakoli, Mona A. Shahi
Animating supervisor: Hossein Molayemi
Aniamating team: A’zam Aghaloui, Siamak Takalou, Golrokh Alvan, Hamed Akrami, Hassan Tavakoli, Mona A. Shahi
Shading: Mona A. Shahi, Leila Ahang
Visuall effects: Alireza Pourshakouri
Editing: Hossein Molayemi
Music: Amirhossein Jalili
Sound: Danial Ostad Abdolhamid
Voice actors: Laleh Ziaei, A’zam Aghaloui

Media Kit: VFF2016-RedLine

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