Patient 39 // Short Film // UK // 14:31mins // Australian Premiere
Screening: Saturday, 15 October 2016 // Time: 12:30pm // Buy Tickets Here

When a soldier known only as Patient 39 awakes from a coma with no memory, so begins the search to discover his identity and past.

Atomium Films are delighted to announce the international premiere of short film PATIENT 39, starring Mark Bazeley (THE QUEEN) and Alfie Stewart (THE VILLAGE), adapted for the screen and directed by Dan Clifton from short story ‘The Ghost of a Bird’ by William Boyd.

‘PATIENT 39 is a superb adaptation of my short story “Ghost of a Bird”. Dan Clifton has captured, with tremendous skill and great judgement, the many nuances of the story and the result is both moving and powerful.’-William Boyd

Moran – Mark Bazeley
Gault – Alfie Stewart
Mother – Julia Rayner
Sylvie – Olivia Dunin
Nurse – Lianne Tucker

Writer/ Director… Dan Clifton
Producer… Roland Holmes
Co-Producer… Lizzie Crouch
Executive Producers… Christine Hartland, Andy Herring, Laurie Herring, Michael Walker
Associate Producers… Nick Holmes, Tim Godchild, Gwyn Jones

Director’s Biography:
Dan Clifton is a writer, director and producer working across documentary and film.

As well as short film PATIENT 39, recent projects include a docu drama about a serial killer WEB OF LIES: JOB OF A LIFETIME. He is currently developing his award-winning feature-length screenplay REVELSTOKE with QR Pictures, and is attached to direct his sci-fi horror SIGNFICANCE, with Fantastic Films.

Media Kit: VFF2016-Patient39

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