Not Their Boots // Music Video // Australia // 4:33mins //
Screening: Saturday, 15 October 2016 // Time: 2:30pm // Buy Ticket Here

‘Not Their Boots’ is a student short film that was made during year 12, based on the start of World War 2, inspired the stories and thoughts from my Grandfather.

Samuel Tye
Youking Agoes
Clayton Smith

Credits (crew):
Jordon Prince-Wright.. Director
Jordon Prince-Wright… Writer
Jordon Prince-Wright… Producer

Director’s Biography:
Jordon Prince-Wright (Born 1996) is the founder of Prince-Wright Productions. He has made a number of award winning short films, which have created a body of work that is unique and inspiring. Creating films from a very young age, Jordon instantly knew he had discovered his life’s calling in filmmaking. He credits all awards and all success he currently experiences to the team he has built.

Media Kit: VFF2016-Not Their Boots

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