“I’m finally ready to take you guys back through my footage and begin to tell you what Detroit was really about.” We’re proud to debut the new short film from Australian filmmaker Neil Harvey, the same director who made the fascinating short Robbie, created entirely from NASA footage. His new film is called Detroit, 2029, and it’s a “thoughtlog” from the future also made using some pre-existing footage. The story follows an elite military operator who captures raw footage of an invasion in Detroit of “spectres”, and he gets sort of transferred into one of these “extraterrestrials”. It’s another interesting science fiction creation to watch.

Description from Vimeo: Detroit, 2029 is a thoughtlog from elite military operator Tony Demayo, whose incredible combat footage capturing Detroit’s invasion became the 21st century’s Zapruder film. Detroit, 2029 is a film written and directed by up-and-coming Australian filmmaker Neil Harvey, who made the short Robbie previously using footage borrowed entirely from NASA and other space exploration missions. This new short was made using his own newly shot footage and some pre-existing military footage. For more information and to follow additional updates, check out the filmmaker’s Vimeo.


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