Australian War Memorial


The Australian War Memorial is Australia’s national memorial to the members of its armed forces and supporting organisations who have died or participated in wars involving the Commonwealth of Australia, and some conflicts involving personnel from the Australian colonies prior to Federation. The memorial includes an extensive national military museum. The Australian War Memorial was opened in 1941, and is widely regarded as one of the most significant memorials of its type in the world

BAE Systems Theatre (Australian War Memorial)

  • The BAE Systems Theatre is a premium conference facility available to the corporate, Government and other user groups who have a need for general and high-tech theatre conferencing. The BAE Systems Theatre is a fully functioning Dolby theatre and self-contained presentation venue offering a one-stop conferencing facility. You can complement your function with guided tours or special presentations by the Memorial’s curators and historians. 
  • The audiovisual equipment available in the Theatre is part of a convenient single hire package and includes microphones, recording facilities, projectors, panel tables, and our Theatre Manager who is available to arrange all technical requirements, as well as to assist with testing and set up. Adjoining the Theatre is the Captain Reg Saunders Gallery and Courtyard, this space is also included in the cost of hiring the Theatre and is perfect for breakout, lunches and morning/afternoon teas. 

Captain Reg Saunders Gallery and Courtyard

  • The Captain Reg Saunders Gallery and Courtyard is the dedicated breakout space for the BAE Systems Theatre. However, it is also available separately as a function space, and is ideal for cocktail parties, book launches or similar. The Captain Reg Saunders Gallery and Courtyard has its own dedicated entry, or can be accessed from the Memorial’s galleries. It contains a podium, on which a lectern can be located, as well as a reception desk and cloaking facilities.

Location – Treloar Crescent, Campbell ACT 2612 Australia

The Memorial is located at the top of Anzac Parade, just minutes from Canberra’s city centre. Get easy directions for walking, cycling and driving with Google Maps

Getting here

Visiting from interstate? Visit Canberra has information on getting to Canberra as well as recommendations for other things to see and do in the nation’s capital.

We recommend allowing a full day to experience everything the Australian War Memorial has to offer.

🚘 Parking

  • 4 hour limits apply between 7.30am – 6.00pm (Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays). If you need to stay longer, see the Front Desk for a temporary parking pass.
  • Underground parking is available off Fairbairn Avenue; above-ground parking is available off Treloar Crescent.
  • Coach parking is available on Treloar Crescent and behind Anzac Hall.
  • A drop-off point is available near the main entrance.

🚍 Public transport

  • Transport Canberra regularly services the Australian War Memorial on both weekday and weekends. Bus stops are located on Limestone Avenue. Special services also operate on Anzac Day.
  • Catch Route 10 on weekdays / Catch Route 910 on Saturday and Sunday.

🚲 Bikes

  • Bicycle racks are available near the Administration and C.E.W. Bean buildings.


Conditions of Entry

The following are Conditions of Entry to the Memorial buildings or Memorial land, or both. Failure to comply may result in refusal of entry or eviction from the Memorial premises.

  • The Memorial reserves the right to inspect bags brought into or out of Memorial buildings or onto Memorial land, at its discretion.
  • Baggage or receptacles larger than 40cm x 30cm x 30cm must be cloaked at facilities provided.
  • Small handbags and camera cases may be carried with you.
  • Still photography and handheld video cameras are permitted.
  • Artwork and collection items are not to be touched or handled.
  • Patrons must obey all signs and notices, and any reasonable direction given by Memorial staff or Memorial security officers.
  • Trained and registered assistance animals, such as guide dogs, are permitted.
  • Please ensure your clothing, general conduct, and behaviour (whether through language, gestures, or otherwise) is respectful at all times. Footwear should be worn at all times.
  • Food and drink (except water and baby foods) are not permitted in the galleries (designated areas are provided for feeding infants).
  • The Memorial is a smoke-free building. Our staff can direct you to designated smoking areas.
  • Children under the age of 12 years are not permitted at the Memorial without adult supervision.
  • Patrons should note they may be subject to monitoring via the Memorial’s closed-circuit television while on Memorial land or within Memorial buildings. By entering the venue, patrons are consenting to the recording of their image or likeness, and the use of that recording for any purpose that the Memorial considers appropriate.
  • Unless prior written approval has been granted by the Memorial, the sale of goods or services, and the conducting of charitable collections or fundraising, is not permitted on Memorial grounds.
  • Memorial land must not be used for any political or other demonstrations or activities that are likely to cause offence to members of the public.

Refusal of entry

For the comfort and safety of all patrons, and to ensure a respectful environment, the Memorial reserves the right to:

  • refuse entry to or evict any persons who do not comply with signposted notices or any reasonable direction given by Memorial staff or Memorial security officers
  • refuse entry to any person who attempts to bring in any restricted or prohibited items
  • direct any persons or members of the public, as the case may be, to leave the Memorial building or the Memorial land, or both, where it has reasonable grounds to believe that public safety is or may be endangered, or the conduct of those persons is likely to cause offence to members of the public.

Restricted and prohibited Items

The Memorial reserves the right to restrict or prohibit specific items from entering the Memorial building or Memorial land, or both, including where they may be considered to pose a risk to the safety of people and property, or cause offence to members of the public. These include:

  • items that could be used as a weapon, including sharp items such as knives and cutting tools
  • suspicious items or items which may look like a weapon, including replicas
  • marking instruments such as spray paint that could be used to mark or deface property
  • illegal substances, including controlled, dangerous, or illicit drugs
  • alcohol
  • flammable or hazardous devices, including aerosol containers, fireworks, flares, and laser pointers
  • political or other signage, banners, logos, or clothing that is likely to be offensive to others
  • drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)
  • items that may be considered unnecessary for visiting the Memorial galleries such as bike helmets and large or bulky items
  • items that may cause injury, harm, or public nuisance, including noise-making and amplification devices

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