The SciFi Film Festival (SFFF) is an annual three-day international event dedicated to the Science Fiction and Fantasy genres. The Festival includes short films, feature films, creative writing, workshops and forums.

The Festival is also supported by SciFi Convention (SciFi Con); a popular culture expo showcasing comics, Cosplay, anime, exhibitions and computer games.

The SciFi Film Festival promotes freedom of thought, cultural and creative expression, regardless of age, abilities, gender or sexual orientation to entertain and educate audiences.

  1. The 2nd SciFi Film Festival is now accepting submissions from March 2015 for feature, featurette and short films from around the world, produced during and after 2013 with AUD $2000 in cash and prizes
  2. The 2nd Short Story Contest is open to all writers to submit short stories of less than 5000 words with $500 in cash and prizes
  3. The 3rd Project SciFi, a 30 days short film competition returns with AUD $5750 in cash and prizes

Screening Program – Friday, 30 October 2015 to Sunday, 1 October 2015
The 2015 SciFi Film Festival will be screening approximately 100 films – international and local features, featurettes and short films. Many of the films will be Premieres.

SciFi Con – Saturday 31 October 2015
SciFi Con will showcase comics, Cosplay, craftspeople, anime, toys, books, collectibles and memorabilia, computer and board games.

Illustrators, artists and authors, comic book and film industry professionals will be featured, plus educational and software demonstrations. Also, we are inviting ‘guests’ who will be available for public access, panels, seminars and workshops.

Cosplay – Saturday 31 October 2015
For its 2nd year, as part of SciFi Convention, we invite Cosplayers to come in their favourite SciFi or Fantasy costume and take part in Cosplay parades and competitions.

Awards Ceremony – Sunday, 1 October 2015
The awards ceremony for the SciFi Film Festival , where we announce the ‘Best of’ films in each category.

For further information visit or contact Tom Papas on email:

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