The Little Boy

The Little Boy
Synopsis: A short film about a liitle boy and a bomb. People are leaving a town by the order of military but a little boy does not want to follow them he has his own mission to do.
Credits (crew): Writer and Director: Mona A. Shahi


Synopsis: The Soviet Military Cemetery in Warsaw was designed by Bohdan Lachert and built in 1949-1950. The chief sculptor for this project, which represents socialist realism at its best, was Jerzy Jarnuszkiewicz.
Credits (crew): Director: Marcin Gizycki Producer: Marcin Gizycki


Seen Through The Eyes Of Children
Synopsis: How children depicted the Syrian war.
Credits (crew): Director & Producer: Anna Maria Mouradian

Worlds Apart

Worlds Apart
Synopsis: A World War Two English soldier wakes from a coma to find a mysterious old man sharing his hospital room.
Cast: Chris Schmuttermaier, Stephen Bergin, Brian Bolton
Credits (crew): Directed & Written by Timothy Wade


Synopsis: In a post-apocalyptic near future devastated by global nuclear war, Dastagir, one of the few survivors, fights to regain his lost love and rediscover his humanity. While he fights his way through the ruins of the old world, we start to understand the complicated nature of this simple love story.
Cast: Sofija Rajovi?, Petar Ben?ina, Radivoje ?upi?, Camilla Mathias, Martin Cort, Clive Ward
Credits (crew): Directed by…. Brando Suji? Written by…. Slobodan Obradovi?, Branko Suji?, Produced by…. Mirko Milosevic, Branko Suji?, Miodrag Miloševi?

Come and Play

Komm Und Spiel (Come and Play)
Synopsis: Berlin. Grisha, a Russian-German boy, fools around with a wooden stick toy gun. The longer he plays, the further he is thrust into an altered reality.
Cast: Alexander Josef Shtol, Julia Gorr, Ilj. Pleater, Maria Zharkova, Roman Sdobnyako, Andrej Vanichev, Pavel Klering
Credits (crew): Screenplay & Director…. Daria Belva Producer…. Martin Danisch


Modern War Song
Synopsis: A sunset, helicopters, machinery.. just like the Futurists.. he believed in the beauty of all of it. Unaware how gruesome and raw the reality of it really was. He couldn’t have imagined anything as horrific as what he’s seen. Humans are animals. Nothing more. It was all too much. Now he’s back here. “Home” – all alone – trying to deal with all of what he’s seen.
Credits (crew): Director & Writer…. End Brandner Music Composer…. Steve Hewitt (Love Amongst Ruin)


The Ripple Effect of PTSD – Kirsty Greenshields & James Greenshields
Synopsis: Veteran Kirsty Greenshields and her husband veteran James Greenshields describe their rollercoaster personal journey from, Post Traumatic Stress to Post Traumatic Growth. An honest, heartfelt story that will inspire and change lives. Credits (crew): Producer & Director…. Kym Melzer