The annual Veterans Film Festival presents films from around the world, which explore real or imagined stories about war and conflict.

The Veterans Film Festival (VFF) showcases stories that promotes a greater understanding about veterans, their families, first responders and the impact of war on society.

Focusing on feature films and short form cinema from Australia and around the world including: fiction, non-fiction, animation, documentaries, archival, TV series and virtual reality.

The festival also curates an eclectic program of competitions, forums, workshops, video games exhibitions and discussion panels with, guest presenters, filmmakers, historians, veterans and the public.

The VFF encourages talent and assists the development of filmmakers and the arts community, while highlighting contributions from serving and ex serving veterans and their experiences.

The festival offers a meeting ground and artistic canvas to engage with filmmakers, actors, festival audience and veterans of all ages, cultures and abilities.

The ‘Red Poppy Awards’ represents the high point of our festival program. Hand blown glass trophies will be awarded in the best film categories.

The Veterans Film Festival aims to raise awareness and contribute to our understanding of veterans’ experiences before, during and after service, their families and the impact war has on society.

The VFF is curated by a not for profit creative enterprise that engages, entertains and educates audiences by showcasing films made by creatives of all ages, cultures and abilities around the world.